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Casares is buddies with Madonna as well as the vocalist proved to be a regular guest of the club.Casares is also pals with Donald Trump and Gloria Estefan.

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She failed to haul her tiny ass out of the Kabbalah pew long enough in order to do a favor for the fellow convert who’s kept her name in the papers: ALEX Rodriguez’s teammates must wish they could divorce him too.

“He’s become a huge distraction with the Madonna fiasco,” a source told Page Six.

Casares later told the Miami Herald the book is “complete fiction” and said: “He quotes me as saying I had nothing better to do than taking drugs and being a sycophant.

pathetic,” the night-life impresario Tweeted on Wednesday before Posner did a book-signing in Miami.

Oseary also reps Madonna and is rumored to have fueled the adultery rumors in order to drum up publicity for both of his clients.

Also by Rodriguez’s side was Ingrid Casares, an old friend of Madonnas who has told the press she’s bisexual and that she falls in love “with someone’s soul,” which for her is “not gender-specific.” The NY Post hints that Casares might be having a fling with Rodriguez, because she was seen leaving his apartment the next afternoon. Rodriguez’s fellow Yankees are said to be fed up at all the press he’s getting for his “affair of the heart” with Madonna, which partially explains the snub of his party.

Alex Rodriguez threw an All Star party last night at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club, but none of his Yankee teammates bothered to show.

He was there with his mother, who is coincidentally named Lourdes, (which also happens to be Madonna’s daughter’s name), and his manager, Guy Oseary.

How ridiculous.” Casares, who visited Madonna here last weekend with her son, Nicolas, 9, called Posner “a lame excuse for an author [who] screwed over a lot of people who worked very hard to make this city what it is today.” Posner, who said he’s never had a facelift, thinks Casares is upset because his book details how she dumped Sandra Bernhard for Madonna in 1991 — a few months before Steven Meisel took photos for Madonna’s “Sex” book.

The pictures, he writes, showed “Ingrid cuddling with the naked pop star and French-kissing her.

Jeter is dating Mika Kelly and is not as much of a recent tabloid target.

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