Who is dana delany dating

‘My brother was at college by then but my sister and I went to live with my father, which was unusual for the time, and I sort of became the woman of the house before going to university.And that’s another reason why I didn’t feel the need to get married – I felt like I had already done it,’ she says.‘But my sister is now divorcing after 30 years of marriage, and it’s devastating for her.

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We have great news and maybe not-so-great news about Dana Delany.

The great is that the story about her meeting with Jennifer Beals has a bit more to it than we knew.

Ironically, Dana (pronounced Dayna) was originally offered the part of Bree before her great friend Marcia Cross, but she turned it down because she wanted to avoid typecasting after playing a similar character in a TV drama called ’ creator Marc Cherry was so keen on wooing this two-time Emmy award-winner, however, that he came back with the offer of the new character of Katherine, explaining that he wanted her to ‘out-Bree Bree’.

What actress could resist such a bitchfest challenge?

Would you prefer to see her stay on Wisteria Lane or move to her own series?

She has been cast as the mysterious Katherine Mayfair, Bree’s new rival in the red-haired ice-queen department.

This easy-going actress lives alone in Santa Monica with a view of the ocean from the bedroom window, and also in Manhattan where she has a Greenwich Village apartment (very Carrie Bradshaw) and loves the ‘energy’ of the city that hits her as soon as she walks out of the door.

As she says: ‘I have tried hard all my life not to be a desperate housewife.

'I was 16 at the time and my mother restarted her career while my father moved to Virginia, which was an extremely conservative state at the time.

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