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Understanding and knowing what monitoring services can do, is a good first step to being better capable of detecting them on your phone.Although the software is mostly undetectable, there are a few telltale signs to help us determine if there is probable cause to look further.

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It could just be the battery or the fact that you installed too many apps!

But, since spy apps can utilize the camera, microphone and have to often send data back, it could cause for fast battery draining.

You probably use email, social media, and various other online services including banking information, and all of these details can be monitored if the phone or tablet is being tracked.

Our dependence on these new technologies also puts us at risk, and the need to know about this kind of software, and protect yourself from it, has become a real need for many of us.

Nowadays, we literally have our whole lives on these tiny smartphones.

What once use to be a simple device to call and eventually text people, has become a powerhouse pocket computer containing far more than just a few names, phone numbers and messages.

Just a few years back, many monitoring programs would utilise conference call technology in order to eavesdrop on calls, but since the technology has advanced and only a few service providers still utilize that system.

The downside is that it can cause echo and feedback, easily detected on calls.

If you start regularly receiving SMS’s that don’t make sense and possibly contain series or random letters, numbers and/or symbols, it may be someone on the other end sending the phone remote commands.

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