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I smelled this when it first came out and it did nothing for me.

And honestly, for the longest time, I resisted trying Angel, specifically because people often call it a gourmand, and one article even calls it "the grandmother of all gourmands." I can't do sweet scents, hardly ever.

It almost immediately becomes cloying and suffocating to me.

I actually used to hate this perfume, I didn’t understand it.

And then I wore it..my world was shook to the core.

It’s wild and uninhibited, yet comforting and reassuring.

There’s nothing like it and there’s no way to describe it in a way that someone who has never worn it for themselves can understand. Don’t be surprised though, if at first you’re not interested, but she seduces you slowly anyway. ;) The gourmand for people who don't like gourmands.

But I adore Alien, so when I finally had a chance to sample Angel, I did. I love that the vanilla is warm and thick without being sugary.

And while I don't know what tonka smells like (still a perfume novice), the citrus and fruity notes keep it from smelling like a giant cupcake.

I never fail to recognize her when I smell her on other people and I grow hot with envy that I don’t have the pleasure of enjoying her all day myself.

Angel is the most lucious, honey-dipped sex bomb I’ve ever encountered.

This perfume is the winner of award Fi Fi Award Hall Of Fame 2007.

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