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Rousey had a problematic birth after she was born with her neck being wrapped in the umbilical cord, which caused a close graze with death after suffering from no oxygen.

The delivery left Rousey slightly brain damaged growing up.

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After that Rousey began to train professionally with larger men and would become frustrated at not being able to throw them.

By 15 she was welcomed onto the Olympic team for the United States.

She started to find it difficult during her classes and was taken out of mainstream school where she could be homeschooled for a lot of her elementary school and high school education.

Her mother came up with a solution to help her daughter overcome her difficulties, and would lead her to the sport she is so famous for now!

During 2008 Rousey was able to redeem herself at the Beijing Olympics.

Devastatingly Rousey lost out at her chance for gold after losing in the quarterfinals.

When it comes to being the Ultimate Fighting Champion, Pete Becker never stood a chance, but Michael Bisping, Stipe Miocic, and Conor Mc Gregor have all made fantastic names for themselves!

How is it then that none of them possess what one young woman does?

The following year Rousey was ranked at number one nationally in the half-middleweight section for women, becoming the youngest ever American to receive the title!

Even though Rousey had qualified to be on the Olympic team, she was unable to win a medal at the 2004 Olympics held in the game’s home city of Athens.

However, as the results were so close, Rousey was given a second chance to qualify for the next round.

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