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This course covers the basics to get started with programming in R.

This course demonstrates R using basic statistic functions, data handling, and visual representation through charts, graphs, and plots.

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Prerequisites: Cryptography, and understanding its limits and pitfalls, is essential to protecting data.

In this course, you will learn about how cryptography can be used to protect and secure data, different methods that exist to protect or transmit data securely, and the components that need to be understood to ensure data can be protected properly.

It also introduces control assessment frameworks and models that can be used in assessing your risk in going to the cloud and evaluating the cloud provider's security offering.

It goes on to outline basic guidelines that you should follow to ensure an adequate level of security in an Xaa S environment, including key areas of the IT infrastructure and issues relating to data transfer and storage.

Prerequisites: Bootstrap is a framework developed to provide consistency, while still allowing for flexibility and customization.

It is a collection of tools that can be easily customized to suit an organization's needs.Prerequisites: Python has a unique culture and community that has built up around it and that value its core philosophy, expressed as a series of aphorisms, and available at a few key presses from any Python installation.In this course, you'll learn the basics of Python and its philosophy, setting up Python, and writing a basic program with built-in data types, loops and conditionals.This course is one of a series in the Skill Soft learning path that covers the OWASP Top 10.Prerequisites: Malicious attacks on systems and applications are now an everyday problem, and security professionals have to know how to identify and protect against them.Prerequisites: In this course you'll explore useful tips and tricks for creating secure mobile applications.

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