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Individuals use technology such as Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, newsgroups and chat to communicate, voice opinions and share ideas. While her talent and skill behind the camera are impressive, she is in a highly competitive industry.As a new photographer, Natalie needs to spread the word about her business, build relationships with people and organizations and strengthen her presence in the community.

Try It risk-free This lesson talks about how social media adds business value by building networks that enhance competitive advantage, enable the exchange of information, foster strong relationships and serve as a foundation of building professional and personal relationships irrespective of different geographical spaces and time zones. Some of the popular Web 2.0 technologies are blogs, social networks and RSS.

A major phenomenon of Web 2.0 technologies is the rise of social media.

Users create profiles and develop a network in which they can exchange information, share thoughts, photos, news stories and much more.

Natalie can use Facebook to stay in touch with customers and provide the latest on her services and promotions.

Since Natalie is new to the photography industry, she decides to visit a portrait photography newsgroup.

Newsgroups are discussion groups on electronic bulletin boards.

It is a great way to reach customers, alert them of special offers and keep the organization in the forefront of a consumer's mind.

She can also post pictures of her work to highlight her talent and skill.

Natalie can use e-mail to communicate with clients concerning photography sessions, pricing and proofs.

E-mail is an extremely popular method of electronic communication.

Natalie could attach proofs of the pictures she has taken for customers to review.

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