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Are you thinking about how to know If my Whatsapp Is hacked or not?

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Millions of users are using this app daily for online conversations.

This also means there is a huge number of hacking attempts going on every day.

I've tried multiple ways to run stations and centers in my primary grade classrooms the past ten years.

Depending on the dynamics of your classroom some strategies and organization of stations work and others do not.

Whatsapp does not provide any lock mode, so you have to install third party apps to lock Whatsapp to prevent Whatsapp chats from being hacked.

#2 – Do not share your phone with anyone You should not share your phone with strangers because anyone can install a third party app in your mobile to hack your mobile or whatsapp data.

I have shared three steps to detect your Whatsapp security and few tips to keep safe your account.

In this article I have shown you how to secure your Whatsapp account.

By using these methods you can protect your Whats App account easily.

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