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The project is reported to cost at least 0 billion, and will take more than 50 years.More than 8,000 people work daily on cleaning up the site.

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[Text supplied by the authors.] Download a pdf **************************** The Diabetic Pregnancy Study Group, a study group of the EASD, recently reviewed progress and set new directions for research and clinical practice improvements for women affected by diabetes in pregnancy.

Wolfe Rates of type 2 diabetes remission are high following gastric bypass.

From 1944 to 1987, the site produced more than 67 metric tons of plutonium for the US defence programme.

Reactors at Hanford produced plutonium used in the first nuclear bomb, as well as the bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan.

The figures from this review are available as a downloadable slideset.

Lindsay, on behalf of the SDRN Epidemiology Group Hyperglycaemia is associated with cancer-related but not non-cancer-related deaths: evidence from the IPC cohort Jean-Marc Simon, Frederique Thomas, Sebastien Czernichow, Olivier Hanon, Cedric Lemogne, Tabassome Simon, Bruno Pannier, Nicolas Danchin Back to top of this issue list Meta-genome-wide association studies identify a locus on chromosome 1 and multiple variants in the MHC region for serum C-peptide in type 1 diabetes Delnaz Roshandel, Rose Gubitosi-Klug, Shelley B.

Ibrahim, Heba Saleh, Nehal Elsherbiny, Sally Elshafey, Khaled A.

Crofts, Kenneth Brookler, George Henderson Can insulin response patterns predict metabolic disease risk in individuals with normal glucose tolerance?

Hundreds of workers at the Hanford nuclear site have been forced to take cover after a tunnel collapsed at the giant nuclear finishing plant.

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