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Around this time Hunnic tribes, most likely the Kidarites, whose king was Grumbates, make an appearance as an encroaching threat upon Sasanian territory as well as a menace to the Gupta Empire (320-500CE).

After a prolonged struggle (353–358) they were forced to conclude an alliance, and their king Grumbates accompanied Shapur II in the war against the Romans, agreeing to enlist his light cavalrymen into the Persian army and accompanying Shapur II.

The latter stopped paying tributes to Kidarites in the early 460s, thus starting a new war between these two states.

The Kidarites, who had established themselves in parts of Transoxiana during the reign of the Sasanian king Shapur II, and had a long history of conflicts with the Sasanians.

Most other data we currently have on the Kidarite kingdom are from Chinese and Byzantine sources from the middle of the 5th century.

The Kidarites were the first "Hunas" to bother India.

The Kidarites may have confronted the Gupta Empire during the rule of Kumaragupta I (414–c.

455 CE) as the latter recounts some conflicts,although very vaguely, in his Mandsaur inscription.

The Guptas had been exporting numerous luxury products such as silk, leather goods, fur, iron products, ivory, pearl or pepper from centers such as Nasik, Paithan, Pataliputra or Benares etc.

just as if it were the roaring of (the river) Ganga, making itself noticed in (their) ears." The Huna invasion are said to have seriously damaged Indo-Roman trade relations, which the Gupta Empire had greatly benefited from.

" The Kidarites consolidated their power in Northern Afghanistan during the 420s before conquering Peshawar and part of northwest India, then turning north to conquer Sogdiana in the 440s.

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