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In a recent Mc Kinsey survey of the digital practices of more than 30 leading U. and European P&C and life insurers, 39 percent had not articulated a digital strategy across the customer decision journey at all.While most insurers do focus their digital efforts in marketing (83 percent) and sales (78 percent), carriers have focused on the early stages of the customer decision journey (supporting research and quotes) and lagged in their post-purchase ability to serve existing customers digitally).

They examine the claims and verify insurance eligibility, as well as record any medical charges and other payments or adjustments.

Health insurance specialists are also responsible for detecting any coding errors or performing any modifications needed.

Health insurance specialists are responsible for processing medical insurance claims, medical coding, and maintaining patient records in various health care settings.

Job titles for insurance specialists include insurance billers, medical coders, and claims examiners.

Consumers fumed over the rollout of and the state health insurance exchanges last fall. Then, once they did, the information was hard to understand.

For consumers accustomed to easy shopping on Amazon or e Bay, choosing a health insurance plan online was an exercise in frustration.

Other responsibilities include assisting patients in obtaining and understanding medical benefits.

In the office, communication with other medical staff members and health insurance providers often occur.

Any effort to become a great digital insurance carrier must begin with a deep understanding of consumers and their shopping journeys.

Today’s consumer decision journey is a highly iterative and fluid process, where digital tools make it easy for consumers to check out brands, compare offers, and get recommendations.

That frustration highlights how important it is for insurers – not only health insurers, but also property and casualty and, increasingly, life insurers – to master digital.

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