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A very good According to Dr Alejandro Junger, the problem is we are not eating food anymore, we are eating food-like products.

The body has the capability to resolve virtually all health issues if it is given the right resources.

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As i’ve pointed out, one major factor that develops fibroid is when the level of estrogen is higher than that of progesterone Here are some points that cause increase in estrogen levels within the body.

Since we live in an estrogen dominant world, and this estrogen dominance is a strong factor that enhances fibroid growth. It’s very important women should know that there’s no very fast remedy, especially with large fibroids.

Estrogen that is not metabolized by the liver will continue to circulate and exert its effect on the body. Very good examples are: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium.

Herbs that detoxifies and strengthens the liver will help speed up the removal of excess estrogen, toxins and other impurities from the body. COMBO 2 Ingredients a) 1 bottle of lime juice (50 cl) b) 20 pieces of bitter kola (just grind the bitter kola into small particles) c) A jar of honey Preparation Mix A and B together, and add C to taste. Antioxidants are substances that helps to remove oxidizing agents capable of causing damage in our body. They are available in fruits like oranges, water melon, pumpkin etc.

Uterine Fibroids are common and can affect fertility in many ways.

The good news is that there are natural remedies to shrink fibroids, ways to stop fibroids growth and prevent it from causing infertility problems.These enzymes may be very helpful to shrink fibroid or reduce its size, heal and prevent scar tissue damage that occurs as a result of uterine fibroids.Examples are Bromelain, trypsin, papain, rutin, pancreatin etc.Studies have shown that estrogen levels fell in women who switched from a typical high fat, refined carbohydrate to a low fat, high-fiber, plant based foods.In order to achieve a , lower cancer risks, and reduce oxidative stress, health agencies recommend that we eat several servings per week of cruciferous vegetables.Both Intramural and Submucosal fibroids may increase the size of the uterine cavity causing the sperm to swim longer distance.

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