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It may be possible that girls are being prepared for life faster than boys in addition to the biological clock.

Just maybe, Socialism has disrupted a lot more than people think.

What seems to be the only statistically significant difference between stable and seperated couples is that stable couples are much more alike when it comes to openness to experience.

The future of society may be starkly different than people suspect.

Economists have a history of studying many aspects of dating and relationships.

First, the authors asked whether personality affects partnership longevity, or the duration of the relationship in plain English.

For this, they compared the personality congruence (i.e.

Culture is changing and much seems to be reverting back to the way it was before Socialism.

Before the 1930s, there was typically a large age difference between couples.

In Japan, this has manifested into what is called the “celibacy syndrome” where girls are not interested even in dating no less marriage.

Now about 60% of eligible girls are not interested in dating.

Namely, it doesn’t seem to matter whether your partner is much more (or less) extroverted, or agreeable than you.

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