Dating excuse bad timing

Barry had gone straight over to offer Oliver a blanket and Eddie knew that Barry and Oliver’s relationship – or was it a purely sexual arrangement? ” Oliver was halfway down the stairs when he heard this and he couldn’t stop his eyes darting over to Eddie, who was pouring wine at the dinner table.

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My response was that she clearly wasn't putting enough into the relationship, should back the hell away and make sure that, moving forward, her partner had absolute control over every aspect of their relationship. There are a number of easy ways to recognise a bad relationship and without torturing her further by reeling off the job she'd already done for me - guys who want space, want space from . Would you allow a friend to be nice to you 'most of the time'?

Why stop at one person making you feel like crap when you could have two! F**k that, life's too short to feel good about yourself. I decided to explain, in simple terms, the one golden rule that should apply to all people uncertain about the relationship they are in. Would you allow a colleague to be nice to you 'most of the time'? So allowing a partner the luxury of picking and choosing when they feel like being nice, leaving you second guessing their mood and being grateful when they're having a good day.

After all, it's not like he was beating her up or cheating on her!

Way to go Mary, that's a glass half full if I ever saw one. That's not to suggest that people can't argue and be utter a-holes to each other from time to time, but just that when somebody isn't nice to you regularly, and it's one-sided, it's not good enough.

It was petulant, but he was freezing and in pain and didn’t want to make small talk the man dating Barry instead of him. There was no way he’d be able to ride his bike back until tomorrow and he was stuck playing happy families with Barry and Barry’s family and Barry’s insufferably good looking boyfriend.

, Eddie mentally cursed, finally moving forward to place the salad on the table next to the shepherd's pie.

I could continue with my list of lame-arsed excuses to stay in a bad relationship but the point I am trying to make is this - there are be part of the deal.

So Mary, sure, make your excuses and carry on as you are or open your eyes, and remind yourself that life is too short and the next time you find yourself using the expression 'sometimes nice to me' change it to 'not good enough thank you' ....

It is only now with the wisdom of experience and a bit of distance, that I recognise that, you know what ... Recently, I received an email from a reader, let's call her 'sad and misguided'. Mary wrote to me, prompted by the fact that she was confused and anxious about her relationship - about her partner - who regularly needed 'space', had no intention of moving in (after two and a half years) and frequently got irritated when she would call round unannounced.

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