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To add taxes Click in the "currency" field system will automatically add USD Add the amount in the next box Add the tax code in the next box No need to add anything in the type.After the taxes are updated click on OK Click on update Click on OK close the data with the X on the right hand side. List of correct PTC (passenger type codes) and formats (CHD/05JAN99) Child with DOB (INF/MOSHE/05JAN07) Infant with samelast name as parent (INFLEVY/MOSHE/05JAN07)Infant with different last name (YTH)Youth (STU)Student (YCD) Senior of most airlines (S65)Senior on TK airlines Companion (CMP)One passenger (CMA)2nd passenger Familyplan (HOF) Head of family (once of the passengers) (SPS) Spouse family plan (F07) Child 7 years old f and age of child in2 number.

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Will display again the specific hotelrate list Most hotels require Credit Card number to guarantee the reservation. This msg come up when a tickets are already issued once or if a fecticious ticket number was added to a PNR.

This information is given on the HA page andis shown as Gafter the rate The Credit Card is notbeing chargedit is only aguarantee. Any of above entries will issue New tickets on the PNR again.

Will display data number 1 or TQT/T and data number that needs to be tickets Click on the page (tax breakdown) which can be found beside the tax total Check the tax codes.

Compere that tax code to the codes which you or system added.

Wait a while because sometimes changes take time to get to airline system or contact us and we will send the PNR for synchronize Will issue tickets for passengers 4 to 7 and send email This error message apears when you try to issue too many e-tickets in one entry.

You need to divide the ticketing entry to groups of 3 or 4 passengers at one time with TTP/Pxxxx entry.Will display the data (data number 1) Check the "FARE CALCULATION" in the data look for the X/....Compere it to the itinerary on the top left side of the data the "STOP" Add an X on the itinerary line to match the fare calculation Click on Add passenger Credit Card as form of payment if passenger is paying airline with CC direct This happens when the form of payment is not correct for E-ticket. Will print the rest of the TSTs in the PNR for all passengers but the infant whos ticket is issued already on paper ticket.Do not make such PNRs for any reason, may will be charged.If you need to price there is no need to close a PNR.XT is an invalid tax code it is tax total and needs to be broken down.

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