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Families from one of the US’s most notorious school shootings have reacted with outcry after NBC broadcast an interview with a leading conspiracy theorist who said the incident never happened and that parents faked their children's deaths.

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And Alex Jones was supported by her doting husband Charlie Thomson as she left BBC Studios in central London after filming The One Show on Thursday.

The TV presenter, 41, seemed in good spirits as she stepped out after revealing she feared she would be replaced if she stayed on maternity leave for too long.

Speaking during an appearance on ITV1's Lorraine on Thursday, Alex said she now has regrets over how quickly she returned to work after having her son. In hindsight, five and a half months would have been better.

Fearing her bosses would replace her, Alex admitted to host Christine Lampard: 'I think women find it hard to be able to admit that they want to go back to work and that they are going to go back a bit earlier than everyone thinks is acceptable.'It's ok to say I like my job and I want to continue doing it while I'm a mother. 'Anyone who respects their job, they are scared about someone stepping in and doing it better. 'People expect you to say the baby is the most important, and of course it is, but side-by-side you still want to be the same person you were before. I think it's OK to say, 'Yes I'm going to go back to work'.' She said: 'I went back a bit too soon. But you don't know before going off on maternity.' The One Show presenter, who gave birth to her first child at age 39, also spoke on Lorraine about her new book Winging It where she revealed that she was close to depression as she struggled to breastfeed her son.

Alex Jones was chatting all things motherhood today on Lorraine to promote her new book and the headed over to film The One Show afterwards. She looked her ever lovely self though despite the long hours.

Alex is a bit of a Topshop fan - it's definitely her go-to store and who can blame her when she looks so fab in it?

Thanks to his close-cropped beard and raven locks, which were brushed to the side, the star's beau looked ruggedly handsome as he walked alongside her.

Alex and Charlie tied the knot at Cardiff Castle on New Year's Eve in 2015, before welcoming baby Teddy in January 2017.

Her house The Spinney is on one of the most expensive roads in Wales - with an average price of £838,700 and is set in three acres of land.

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